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Gemini CDM-3610 Professional MP3 CD Player with Mixer Console Scratch

Manufacturer: Gemini
Model Number: CDM-3610
Price: $279.99

Gemini's CDM-3610 is a dual MP3/CD mixing console that provides easy-to-use track search and playback across two MP3/CD decks. It's ideal for mobile DJ rigs or club installations and is loaded with song-shaping tools such as reverse, scratch and brake effects, a loop section, pitch bend (± 16%), and variable pitch control (± 4, 8, 16%). With powerful playback tools such as instant-start, cue with preview, single and continuous play modes, and program function with repeat, the CDM-3610 brings unparalleled flexibility in an all-in-one unit. Just a few of the features on the CDM-3610 include: audio CD, CD-R, and MP3 compatibility; a large, blue backlit LCD display with text showing MP3 files; three selectable jog modes including scratch effect, cue search, and pitch bend; instant-start and cue with preview; a brake mode for vinyl-like stops; high-speed rotary track search; single and continuous play modes; pitch bend using the jog wheel or pitch buttons; variable pitch control with three settings; and the fact that it's fully programmable, among many other fun and functional features. The mixer comes equipped with three-band EQ with gain control; a 1/4" headphone output; XLR and 1/4" mic inputs; and auxiliary inputs for phono or line devices. The CDM-3610 is specifically designed for mobile DJ's who require a compact, portable system with minimal setup time. Its professional, tabletop dual-deck CD/MP3 player mixer combo is an affordable and capable all-in-one unit. The CDM-3610 delivers optimum functionality, ease, and creativity in a unit that's ideal for DJ's on the go.

Player section: Audio CD, CDR, and MP3 compatible Anti-shock using RAM buffer memory Large blue backlit LCD display with text for MP3 files 3 selectable jog modes: scratch effect, cue search, and pitch bend Instant-start and cue with preview Instant reverse for added effect Brake mode for vinyl-like stops Fader-start capability High-speed rotary track search Single and continuous play modes One seamless loop per side with reloop Pitch bend using jog wheel or buttons ± 16% Three-mode time selection Frame-accurate search Rubber jog wheels with finger grips Variable pitch control with three settings: ± 4, 8, and 16% Fully programmable with repeat function. Mixer section: 3-band EQ with gain control 1/4" headphone output XLR and 1/4" mic input Auxiliary inputs for phono or line devices.

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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