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Elation SD3D Media Generator

Manufacturer: Elation
Model Number: SD 3D
Price: $1,299.99

The SD3D MediaGenerator is a software package designed to allow generation and manipulation of video effects in a real-time environment. It can be used in several areas of application where real-time generation of video effects is required which does not typically lend itself to traditional linear-based methods. In complex live shows environments, events can be very spontaneous. The visualist needs to react very quickly to changing events. The right tools are required to create seemingly unique and complex visual effects at a moments notice. The SD3D MediaGenerator addresses these needs by providing a system that allows the visualist to access a full complement of media attributes using the Elation professional Series of DMX consoles. Unlike other traditional VJ software or media software packages, SD3D exposes every parameter via a DMX channel so users can take advantage of the DMX program features of the Elation Professional Show Designer series of control desks and apply them to their compositions.

PRODUCTION FLOW: Begin with organizing your media assets on your hard drive. There are four main categories of media assets - video clips, particles files, 3D objects files and mask files. Next populate the system with the appropriate media assets for that layer using the Elation AM. SD3D MediaGenerator has 9 layers of media. This means that you can display at any given time 8 different elements layered one on top of each other or one side by side of each other.

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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