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Manufacturer: Elation
Model Number: EDB248
Price: $1,699.99

The DESIGN BRICK 70 is a incredible powerful L.E.D. fixture offering amazing color mixing possibilities. With its additional white and amber L.E.D.s, any color with individual saturation and brightness can be set up. Even pastel colors or warm white or very warm yellow and orange colors can be achieved easily, always maintaining a perfect color mix in the beam with high light output.

DESIGN BRICK 70 Specs: 70 x 3W SSC L.E.D.s ( = 210 W Power) • Single cell control • RGB + white + amber • 25 degree beam angle • Extreme Light output • Built-in macros + effects • Optional Wireless IR Remote - DLED70 IR-WR • LCD display menu setup • 5 DMX modes available • 210 Watt RGBWA LED BAR • Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber • Unlimited Color Mixing possibilities • Digital LCD Display • 7 Cell Pixel Control • 4 DMX Modes - HSIC, RGBAW, Pixel, Individual • Built In Macro Programs / Effects • 3 pin or 5pin DMX in/out • Integrated Floor Stand / Yoke bracket • 100-240V AC Multi Voltage PSU built in

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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