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Gemini UF-2064M 64 Channel UHF PLL Dual Microphon 64 Channel UHF PLL Dual Microphone Wireless System

Manufacturer: Gemini
Model Number: UF 2064M
Price: $299.95

The Gemini UF series Wireless System are fully switchable UHF receivers with 64 bands of UHF signals with separate transmitter varieties. Made with advanced technology & a variety of easy to use features, these are vocal interfaces are suitable from professional singers to musicians. The UF-2064M comes with a handheld microphone (UF-2064HL is the headset/avalier version).

Gemini UF-2064M Features: •THe UF-2064M comes with a Handheld Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone (UF-2064HL is the Headset/Lavalier version) •Dual diversity receiver, that comes with pairs of transmittersavailable in mixed varieties •Phase locked loop (PLL) circuitry •Super high sensitivity with extremely low noise transmission & reception •Stable & quality SMT assembled PCB module •Power & RF LEDs for precise signal monitoring •Convenient squelch control •FM-64 is a uni-directional dynamic microphone •FB-64 belt pack transmitters have mic/line switches for instruments etc. •FM-64 & FB-64 have a rechargeable input for battery recharging •Combine any 2 UF series receivers for a 1U rack space, hardware included.

Shipping Cost: $9.99


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