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Shure PGX24/PG58 Handheld Wireless System Channel L5

Manufacturer: Shure
Model Number: PGX24PG58L5
Price: $379.99

Shure delivers unmatched performance and ease of use to anyone looking to step up to wireless. The PGX4 receiver has features like Automatic Frequency Selection and Automatic Transmitter Setup that get you up and running hassle-free. Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding technology delivers crystal-clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless systems. This package includes the PGX4 receiver and the PGX2/PG58 mic/transmitter.

Shure PGX24/PG58 Hand-Held Wireless System Features: Receiver Automatic Transmitter Setup Automatic Frequency Selection 90 selectable frequencies across 18MHz bandwidth 1/4 wave antennas Microprocessor-controlled diversity Channel display LED XLR and 1/4" outputs Transmitter Automatic Transmitter Setup Multifunction LED indicator (power, lockout, mute, low battery) -10dB pad 8 hours of continuous use with 2 AA batteries 18MHz operating range You-and your audience-are ready to go wireless. Call or click today!

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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