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DJ Tech (CD Encoder 5) CD Encoder with USB Input

Manufacturer: DJ TECH
Model Number: CD ENCODER 5
Price: $87.99

CD ENCODER 5 Converts your CDs to MP3 will never be that easy. Just Plug your USB pen drive and insert the CD, and the Encoding will automatically starts. No need any computer, archive your CDs in a snap. Including Magix Audio Cleaning lab if you wish to optimize the sound of your MP3s using PC.

CD Encoder 5 - CD to MP3s Direct Encoding As easy as 1,2,3 Step-1 Play your Favourite CD. Step-2 Plug your USB Pen drive. Step-3 Press REC and the encoding is starting.When the complete CD is encoded, a led will inform about that status. The Pack Contains : CD ENCODER 5 -1 Software CD : Magix Audio Cleaning Lab SE -Quick Start User's Manual.

Shipping Cost: $12.99


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