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Samson XP40iw (XP40iW Wireless PA w/ iPod Dock)

Manufacturer: SAMSON
Model Number: XP40iw
Price: $299.99

Samson XP40iw 2-channel, 40W Portable PA System with Integrated Wireless Receiver, Included Handheld Microphone Transmitter, and Built-in iPod Dock — 7 Channels A Portable PA with Built-in Wireless! Pass the microphone around the room with the Samson XP40iw! It's an all-in-one portable PA system that's equipped with the features presenters, street performers, health clubs, schools, and all kinds of PA-needing people have been demanding over the years. Yes, it offers 40W of room-filling sound, and that's important. But more than that, there's a built-in wireless system with — get this — an included wireless handheld microphone. That's an amazing feature at this low price! You'll be totally untethered, so you can pass around the microphone, take your performance into the crowd... whatever you want to do. And the XP40iw gets even better. Samson added an iPod dock, so you can bring music into the mix from your favorite portable gadget. Last but not least, the XP40iw features a rechargeable battery. Need sound for a picnic? Hitting the street with your presentation, performance, or campaign? All you need is the Samson XP40iw and you'll be set.

Samson XP40iw All-in-one Portable PA System Features at a Glance: All-in-one portable PA system with built-in wireless system •Includes a VHF wireless receiver and a handheld wireless microphone transmitter •This system operates on channel 7 •6" woofer + dome compression driver •Lightweight Class D amplifier generates 40 watts •Channel 1: XLR — ¼-inch combo input allowing line level or micro-phone level with phantom power •Channel 2: ¼-inch input allowing line level or microphone level with phantom power + ?-inch stereo aux input allows for stereo line level signal •iPod dock with level control •¼" link in/out jack to link two systems for a stereo setup •Rechargeable battery included!

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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