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TEAC-TASCAM DP-004 Digital 4 Track Recorder - Portastudio Interface

Manufacturer: TASCAM
Model Number: DP004
Price: $179.99

The TASCAM DP-004 Pocketstudio is a 4-track digital multitrack recorder based on 30 years of easy-to-use cassette Portastudios. The DP-004 Pocketstudio has been updated with 4 tracks of CD-quality digital recording. Like the classic Portastudios, a row of knobs sets levels and pan instead of a list of menus. The DP-004 can record 2 microphones at once to layer and mix tracks on the included 1GB SD Card. A built-in stereo condenser microphone makes it simple to use the TASCAM DP-004 to record anywhere you go. Or you can plug your microphones into the rear-panel inputs. Once you set levels and pan, record your mix to the dedicated stereo master track and transfer to a computer over USB 2. With its go-anywhere compact design, the TASCAM DP-004 Pocketstudio is great for students, songwriters and anyone who wants to keep their recording process simple and creative.

TASCAM DP-004 Pocketstudio Portable 4-Track Digital Multitrack Recorder Features: 2 - 1/4" mic inputs Switchable guitar input Headphone/Line output USB 2.0 connector Records to SD Card media 1GB SD card included Powered through AA batteries or optional power adapter (not included) CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit WAV recording

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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