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American Audio Flex 100 Single CD Player - $249.99

Manufacturer: American Audio
Model Number: FLEX 100 ACD546
Price: $249.99

American Audio Flex 100, no matter if you DJ with CDs or a computer, American Audio's Radius 1000 CD/MP3 controller will give you a helping hand. The professional CD and MP3 player has MIDI capabilities so you can control your favorite music playback software. It features a large 6" jog wheel, 9 on-board DSP effects, and a large bright display that shows track titles and artist ID tags. The Radius 1000 has a red LED visual marker display that rotates around the jog wheel to show the reference point where the CD/MP3 disc is playing. Other great features on the American Audio Radius 1000 include a slot load CD drive, quick MP3/CD disc recognition, advanced track search (search for a new track while one is playing), 10 seconds of anti-shock memory, seamless loop, 3 flash start buttons, digital BPM counter, and digital output (S/PDIF).

American Audio Radius 1000 CD/MP3/MIDI Controller Features: Plays MP3, CD & CD-R discs MIDI software compatible via USB (Control up to 8 MIDI channels at once) Display shows track titles and artist from ID tags when played Advanced cueing with track searching by frame (not by each second) Quick MP3/CD recognition Track and Folder Search Advanced Track Search: Search for a new track while one is playing PowerTouch advanced digital scratching (with adjustable sensitivity) 2 Scratching modes: Digital Scratch mode, Beat Juggle mode Tempo Lock Instant Start 9 On-board FX: Scratch, Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan, Bop 6" (150mm) jog wheel with LED Cue marker and adjustable LED effects 3 mode Jog Wheel: Normal, Scratch, and Auto Cue Scratch (Great for Beat Juggling) Time & Ratio adjustment for digital FX FX sync adjustment Red LED Visual marker display: Reference point to view where the disc is playing Digital BPM Counter: keeps digital FX in sync with music TAP Button for manual BPM Anti Shock (10 sec.) Smart loop: Automatically measures your loop Fader "Q" Start Independently adjustable Pitch Bend (up to 100%) Sleep Mode (Adjustable in increments of 5 min - up to 120 minutes) 3 Flash Start Buttons with (5 second sample each button) Recall memory of Q-Start and samples Store up to 1500 cue points Digital Output (S/PDIF) Headphone jack on rear with volume control Slot load CD drive Flip Flop: Relay playback between two Radius 1000 CD/MP3 Players

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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