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Numark ArKaos GrandVJ Video Mixing Software (Mac and Windows)

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: Grand VJ By Arkaos
Price: $399.95

Numark Arkaos GrandVJ Video Mixing DJ Software For next-generation video mixing software and spectacular video performance for DJs, VJs, and musicians, look no further than the ArKaos GrandVJ! ArKaos GrandVJ is the finest video-mixing and live-performance software for VJs, DJs, musicians, events, and clubs. GrandVJ addresses the needs of novice and demanding VJs and DJs as well as musicians, visual artists, film makers and others looking for a real-time video mixing and authoring tool. VJs and other video performance artists will find ArKaos GrandVJ to be powerful software with intuitive controls and versatility to work seamlessly with existing systems. Based around a unique piano-keyboard layout, video clips map to piano keys for a familiar setup for musicians and easy control using an external MIDI keyboard controller (not included). GrandVJ is a video mixer that can create and play video clips or video shows. Video content compliments audio performances by DJs, bands or any other type of event. In addition to its performance capabilities, GrandVJ is an excellent program for creating music videos from existing content or from scratch. Arkaos is a household name among hardcore VJs. GrandVJ introduces the power of video mixing to DJs, musicians, bands, event-organizers, club and bar-owners and anyone else requiring dynamic video control. Whether it's for education, science, broadcasting or the arts, GrandVJ’s intuitive design delivers the experience of a customized video performance like never before. ArKaos GrandVJ sets a new reference for video software that's equally useful for VJs, musicians, and any other presentation professional. Numark ArKaos GrandVJ Features: •Powerful Video-Mixing Software •No-Limit Performance And Production •A Unique, Easy-To-Control, Customizable Interface •Dual Synth / Mixer Mode •Real-Time Access To All Mixing Parameters •Full MIDI-Keyboard Mapping Of All Mixing Parameters •Support For ReWire For Transferring Audio Data Between Different Applications •High-Resolution Output •Effects Library •Support Most Common Media Formats Including Quicktime, MPEG2, MPEG4, Windows Media, Flash Text And Animations •Multiple Camera Support •Hardware-Accelerated Video Engine •Support For Multi-Core CPU •Compatibility With Mac and PC, All Common File Formats And All MIDI Controllers

Recommended Minimum System Configuration For Smooth Performances ArKaos GrandVJ For PC OS: Windows XP Or Vista •Processor: Pentium IV 2 Ghz Recommended •RAM: 512MB; 1GB Recommended Media Players: •QuickTime 6.5.x (And Up) •Macromedia Flash Player 9 (And Up) •Direct X 9.0c (And Up) Note: The Software Installer Will Check If Your Media Players And DirectX Versions Are Up To Date And Give You The Opportunity To Update Them If Needed. ArKaos GrandVJ For MAC OS: Mac OS X 10.4 (And Up) •Processor: Any Intel Mac, G4/1Ghz (And Up) •RAM: 512MB, 1GB Recommended Media Players: •QuickTime 6.5.x (And Up) •Macromedia Flash Player 9 (And Up) Platform Independent Requirements: Graphics Processor: •Requires A Graphic Card Supporting The Pixel Shaders II Technology: nVidia GeForceFX 5200 (And Up), Ati Radeaon 9200 (And Up), Intel GMA 950 (And Up)

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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