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Denon DJ DN-S700 Compact Tabletop CD/MP3 Disc Player

Manufacturer: DENON
Model Number: DNS-700
Price: $229.99

The DN-S700 is a new entry-level compact tabletop CD/MP3 player sporting many features from Denon DJ’s flagship professional models, including advanced MP3 functionality for easy file search and selection, CD text display, auto or manual BPM, three onboard FX, four pitch ranges, one hot start and seamless loop controls, fader start and pitch bend. It is all of these design features and functions that provide the hobbyist, true mobile entertainers, and today’s aspiring DJs unprecedented creativity and showmanship opportunity at a groundbreaking price. The DN-S700 has been implemented with a new powerful DSP and large memory capacity which allows for many advanced features. MP3 Playback The DN-S700 can read, display and play MP3 files written to CD-Rs providing DJs with the ability to store more music on a single media or for extended playback time. Files can be searched for easily either manually, or by scanning or using a number of file search functions including File search and File/Folder search. Additionally MP3 ID3 tag information can be viewed on the display. Hot Start The Hot Start function lets you start playback immediately from a set point within a specific file, determined by you. Seamless Loop With this function, any section on a disc can be played repeatedly between A & B points with no break in sound or limit in length. The DN-S700 has a variety of looping options such as Exit, Reloop. Effects The DN-S700 also supplies the DJ with three different types of audio effects to enhance creativity and performance. •ECHO: Adds a delayed sound with that’s synchronized by the BPM •FLANGER: The feedback time and feedback gain can be selected. •FILTER: This performs a frequency filter sweep as the jog wheel is turned. Pitch Control / Key Adjust •PITCH: Playback speed is adjusted with PITCH slider. Adjustable pitch ranges are +6%, +10%, +16%, +100% (selectable live). •KEY ADJUST: Keeps the original key even if the pitch playing speed is changed with the PITCH slider. Digital Output The digital output for Main provides a true 100% digital signal without any restrictions or limitations regardless of pitch change or mode setting. Fader Start CD-Text Display Auto / Manual BPM Counter Pitch Bend via Buttons or Jog Wheel Firmware Upgradeable

•Compact, 9” wide - Advanced MP3 functions •3 On-board Effects (Echo/Flanger/Filter) •Hot Start / Seamless Looping •Supports CD TEXT / ID3 Tags •Auto/Manual BPM •Key Adjust Feature •4-Way Pitch Range (±6% / ±10% / ±16% / ±100%) •Pitch Bend by buttons and Jog Wheel •Fast-loading, Illuminated Slot-In Drive •Fader Start •Digital Output •100mm Long Pitch Slider •Firmware Upgradable

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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