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Denon DN-V310 Professional Progressive Scan DVD Player

Manufacturer: Denon
Model Number: DNV310
Price: $539.99

DN-V310 Professional DVD Player, HDMI, NTSC/PAL, MP3/WMA/DivX Playback, RS-232 Interface, Rack Mountable The Denon DN-V310 is a professional DVD player designed specifically for education corporate audio/video and retail purposes. The player has a bevy of advanced features such as multi-regional compatibility HDMI output and DivX playback. With the included mount the unit can be installed into any standard EIA racking system.

Denon DN-V310 Professional KEY FEATURES: Hide OSD The OSD and display icons that normally appear on the screen can be switched on or off by the user for icon free video playback. This function extends the usage to Kiosk terminals and the like by removing unwanted screen displays for Video playback or still pictures. Change Wallpaper The DVD player wallpaper can be changed at the user’s discretion (JPEG format). Using this function, corporate logos, school emblems or any other specific icon will appear on the screen after booting up or stopping the video during playback. Alternatively, a black screen may be selected instead of a wallpaper image. NTSC/PAL ConversionThe DN-V210/V310 Professional DVD players have the ability of automatically converting PAL video content for display on NTSC displays and vice versa. This feature is extremely useful for Coporations or Educational facilities that have offices or affiliates / partners overseas. Auto Play With this function the player can start playback automatically after powering on. Each stage of set up and playback is conveniently memorized for next time usage when the power is turned off. Serial Remote Control (DN-V310 only) The DN-V310 (only) is equipped with a DB-9 serial connection for integration into systems utilizing today’s third-party control systems. High Precision 96 kHz 24-bit D/A converter The DN-V210/DN-V310 are equipped with a 24-bit D/A converter for faithful D/A conversion of high quality 24-bit data. This further enhances such aspects of audio performance such as the S/N ratio, dynamic range and distortion and makes full use of the possibilities of high quality sound provided by a high bitrate and high sampling frequencies. Key Lock Front panel operation (aside from the POWER button) can be disabled to prevent accidental misuse. IR Remote Lock Functionality of the IR remote control unit can also be disabled to prevent accidental operation. MP3, WMA, JPEG, DiVX (v. 3.11/4.12/5.1) Playback Not only are the DN-V210 and DN-V310 superb DVD players, but they are also capable of playing back MP3 and WMA audio, JPEG still images, and DivX video from CD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW media. HDMI (v1.0) High Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI is the only interface that can carry both uncompressed high-definition (HD) video and uncompressed multi-channel audio in HD formats including 720p,1080i. And all-digital, uncompressed signal translates into the highest quality video and audio, seen and heard, direct from the source. ADDITIONAL FEATURES •DVD, DVD+R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, VCD Playback •MP3, WMA, DivX Playback •JPEG Playback, Kodak Photo CD compatible •High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) •NTSC / PAL Conversion •IR, RS-232 Control •Optical, Coaxial Digital Output •Programmable DVD Playback •Removable 2 RU rack kit

Shipping Cost: $14.99


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