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Behringer - Ultra-Compact 15-Watt Acoustic Instrument Amplifier w/VTC-Technology

Manufacturer: Behringer
Model Number: AT108
Price: $75.00

This extremely compact, super-affordable 2-channel, 15-Watt acoustic amp has been specially attuned to the sonic needs of acoustic instruments—for example, when playing an acoustic guitar in an orchestra or a jazz band. You’ll be awestruck by the quality & the volume this little amp can punch out. Just because your budget has been exhausted after purchasing your new guitar, that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the amp. You get a powerful 20-Watt dual-cone 8" speaker for a wide frequency response & an additional mic input w/separate volume control. Our revolutionary VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry lends the AT108 truly tube-like sound. Using a dedicated CD input, you can connect your CD player & play along to your favorite music.


Shipping Cost: $22.00


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