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Behringer - Ultra-Compact 15-Watt Keyboard Amplifier w/VTC-Technology

Manufacturer: Behringer
Model Number: KT108
Price: $70.00

Its cutesy looks alone make it a winner, but that’s barely the beginning! This super-compact 2-channel, 15-Watt keyboard amp is perfect for keyboards, vocals, drum machines or wherever a small sound system is needed. Our revolutionary VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry lends the KT108 tube-like sound, & a separate headphone output is provided for those times when you need to keep it quiet. Use it as a practice amp & play w/accompaniment vie the CD input or take it w/you whenever small size is crucial. Its powerful 20-Watt dual-cone 8" speaker provides a wide frequency response appropriate for an amp w/such a variety of possible applications. Included is a dedicated 3-band EQ for the ultimate in no-frills sound shaping. Cute is nice but capable is better. We give you both!


Shipping Cost: $16.00


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