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Pioneer - Pro DJ Digital Turntable MP3 w/Digital Output & AUTO BEAT LOOP Capability

Manufacturer: Pioneer
Model Number: CDJ800MK2
Price: $699.99

The CDJ-800MK2 retains the same key design themes found in many of Pioneer’s CDJ products, w/a stylish new silver metallic finish & metallic buttons. It employs additional features for outstanding performance. * MP3 Capability – The unit’s MP3 playback capability includes a “Folder Search” & “Text Mode” to provide artist name, track title & file name for quick access to music files. * JOG Wheel Adjust - The feel of the JOG wheel is tweaked to mimic that of the CDJ-1000MK2. The jog wheel retains the non-slip metallic finish of the CDJ-1000MK3 as well as the same features on the JOG Display (brighter, larger cue point & 45° marks). * Track Data Display – Track information through a higher resolution display is extended to show the complete track.


Shipping Cost: $0.00


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