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Pioneer - Super 19" DJ Mixer w/Digital Out

Manufacturer: Pioneer
Model Number: DJM3000
Price: $897.00

* Effect Mix Mode (Roll, Echo, Zip) - industry-first! * 2 digital outputs, each w/a 20 bit/44.1 kHz A/D converter for clean digital transfers. * Rotary dial (sold separately) * Acurate internal "Beat Per Minute" counter * BPM Linked Effects (Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Flanger, Pitch Shifter, Reverb, Auto-Transform, & Auto-Frequency Filter) * Cross Fader Curve * Three Mic Inputs (one Neutric, two ¼" inputs) * Mic Switch (Mic Off / Mic On / Talk Over) * Improved Talk Over level control: Mutes all levels apart from the microphone

Shipping Not Included!!!

Shipping Cost: $20.00


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