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Pioneer - DJ Mixer w/all-digital mixing bus (24bit/96kHz) & 7 onboard effects

Manufacturer: Pioneer
Model Number: DJM400
Price: $550.00

The DJM-400; Pioneer's newest entry-level mixer w/an all-digital mixing bus (24bit/96kHz) featuring 7 onboard effects, including the all new In-Loop Sampler! The DJM-400 matches Pioneer’s CDJ-200 CD turntable in both function & design, allowing DJs to expand the range of DJing & remixing. Its new symmetrical design is the same size as a CDJ-200 enabling an easy fit in a compact DJ coffin. World’s First In-Loop Sampler An intelligent 24bit/96kHz sampler automatically detects the tempo of a song during playback, sampling it for a length of 4 beats then loops the sample. Since the sampled sound is in sync w/the beat of the tune being played, no matter the tempo, it enables live remixing like never before.

A peak level meter so the DJ can check Audio Input levels for each channel or for the master A Talk Over feature that automatically lowers track volume for the DJ to speak over the track Channels: 2 Channel EQ: 3 Band EQ Range: -infinity dB to +6dB Inputs: Line (1/4 inch Phone) x 4, Phono Input x 2, MIC Input (1/4 inch Phone) x 2 Outputs: Master Output (RCA) x 2 Cross Fader Type: Carbon Rail Fader Curve: 3 position Effects: Delay, Echo, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot and Roll Auto BMP Counter Direct Beat Select 3 Band Isolator Mic EQ Unit Size (WxHxD): 8-3/4" (W) x 12" (D) x 4-1/4" (H); Weight: 8.8 lbs Shipping Not Included!!!

Shipping Cost: $0.00



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