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Shure - Stereo Microphone Mixer w/Three stereo input channels

Manufacturer: Shure
Model Number: SCM262
Price: Contact Seller For Price - Too Low To Print

* The Right Amount of Mixer * Many smaller installations require a mixer with very specific features and capabilities. One that is easy to use. You need to integrate your microphones and stereo equipment without paying for features you'll never use. And of course, you'll need dependability. * Enter Shure's SCM262. Part of Shure's growing "SCM" mixer family, the SCM262 provides features tailor-made for your smaller application -- such as defeatable "ducking", "jukebox mute", and "12V * Phantom". All in a compact, user-friendly package. * For Simplicity's Sake * The SCM262 has been designed with simplicity in mind, allowing you to focus on your job, not your audio system.


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