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Shure - Handheld Wireless System w/Diversity Receiver

Manufacturer: Shure
Model Number: SLX24BETA58
Price: Contact Seller For Price - Too Low To Print

SLX24/SM86 Handheld Wireless System SLX Wireless Handheld System, Includes SLX2/86 Handheld Transmitter with SM86 Microphone and SLX4 Diversity Receiver. SM86 Vocal Microphone A rugged condenser microphone that features a tailored frequency response for clear reproduction of vocals. Built-in three-point shock mount and two-stage pop filter. Cardioid, Condenser. SLX2 Wireless Handheld Transmitter SLX Wireless Handheld Transmitter with timed backlit LC display, frequency and power lockout, and "Mute" functionality SLX4 Wireless Receiver


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