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Shure sm57lc wired mic - Instrument Mic

Manufacturer: Shure
Model Number: SM57LC
Price: $99.99

The industry's workhorse instrument and vocal mic a reliable, natural-sounding performer, night after night. Bulletproof design stands up to abuse onstage and in the studio. Natural sounding Durable bulletproof design Used widely in studios as well as on stage Frequency response: 40Hz-15kHz Tight cardioid polar pattern Shure SM57 Instrument/Vocal Mic The Shure SM57 unidirectional dynamic microphone is exceptional for musical instrument pickup or for vocals. With its bright, clean sound and carefully contoured presence rise, the SM57 is ideal for live sound reinforcement and recording. It has an extremely effective cardioid pickup pattern which isolates the main sound source while minimizing background noise.

Frequency response: 40Hz-15kHz Used widely in studios as well as on stage Durable bulletproof design Natural sounding

Shipping Cost: $14.99


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