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Electro voice EVID6.2 EVID 2 way twin 6'' woffer 300W ( Pair )

Manufacturer: Electro Voice
Model Number: EVID6.2
Price: $440.00

The EVID 6.2 is an extended-range loudspeaker ideal for indoor and outdoor applications requiring high-quality sound. Its extended range and smooth bass provide ample SPL levels in larger environments such as shopping malls, sports bars, health clubs, and so on.

Line-array enhanced coverage control # Organic, unobtrusive shape # Strong-Arm-Mount for easy, flexible aiming # Full-bandwidth overload protection # Weather resistant - Conforms to Mil Spec 810 and IEC 529 IP 34 # Dual 6-inch LF transducers for extended bass and greater power handling and output # Ti direct-radiator HF transducer, Neodymium structure # High sensitivity # Magnetically shielded # Zinc-plated grilles # Transformer Versions Manufacturer Electro Voice ***ALSO AVAILABLE IN WHITE***

Shipping Cost: $14.00


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