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Electro Voice - Compact Powered Subwoofer w/built" Stereo Crossover for Live Sound, DJ, A/V

Manufacturer: Electro Voice
Model Number: SBA760
Price: $1,400.00

* 760W Output Power (RMS) * Compact, Ergonomic Size for Easy Transportation * EVS-Series, Direct Radiating 15” Woofer * Built-in Stereo Crossover w/PowerMax 12 Filter for Higher Acoustic System Output * LPN-Filter to Compensate LF Transient Distortion for Full Extended Bass Response * Dynamic Limiter & Full Protection Package * Integrated Pole-Mount, 4 Wheels, 5m (197”) PowerCon Lead The Electro-Voice ® SbA760 is a new generation of hi-power compact subwoofers. Designed to match EV’s Sx-Series speakers, it’s an ideal system extension for SxA100, SxA250,


Shipping Cost: $45.00


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