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Electro Voice - Super 15" 400 W Speakers Polypropylene

Manufacturer: Electro Voice
Model Number: SX500+
Price: $664.99

* Two-way 15-inch medium-throw full-range system * Dl15SX 15-inch woofer & large enclosure extend & increase bass output * Asymmetric 75° x 60° constant-directivity high-frequency horn aims down 10° Helps direct sound @ the audience when vertically stand mounted * Horn loading of the woofer * Biampable * Suspension points accommodate optional* Mb700 set of three forged eyebolts * Mb600 & horizontal array kits available for side-by-side arraying of two systems (requires one MB500 wall/ceiling bracket per speaker)

****Priced Each****

Shipping Cost: $29.99


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