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Electro Voice - 18" 400-watt continuous, 1,600-watt Short-term power Pro Subwoofer

Manufacturer: Electro Voice
Model Number: T18
Price: $750.00

* 18-inch Manifold Technology™ woofer w/a 16-lb magnet structure for chest-kicking bass response * Unique SubScoop™ enclosure combines advantages of a vented box w/the punch & "throw" of horn loading * 400-watt continuous, 1,600-watt short-term power handling & 99-dB sensitivity (1 watt/1 meter) for 130-dB peak output. Bandpass enclosure rolls off response at 250 Hz * A 30-inch steel pole is included for mounting w/a 1 3/8-inch stand mount


Shipping Cost: $49.00


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