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Electro Voice - 120 Watt Commercial Mixer Paging Amplifier, rackmount

Manufacturer: Electro Voice
Model Number: MA1212
Price: $439.99

Features 12 separate input channels. Input channels 1-10 are designed to be used as either balanced or unbalanced low-Z microphone inputs or they can be switched to a line level signal. Phantom power is also available on any of the 10 inputs. A signal appearing at input 1 will automatically mute the other channels unless the mute function is defeated via a switch on the front panel. Inputs 11 & 12 are for auxiliary line-level sources such as tape or CD players. Mono or stereo signals may be applied to inputs 11 or 12. The left & right components of a stereo signal can be applied to the dual RCA phono jacks of these inputs & mixed together to drive the built-in monaural power amplifier.


Shipping Cost: $14.99


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