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Casio - 61 Note Lighted Key Keyboard w/264 Tones & 120 Rhythms, TV Connectable

Manufacturer: Casio
Model Number: LK94TV
Price: $199.99

Common knowledge says that if you don't practice diligently & master technique, you cannot play a musical instrument. But, Casio thought that it would be fun if musical instruments could be played by anyone. Casio's key lighting learning keyboards feature a useful lesson system that lets you learn as you play! * TV Connection for lesson display & Karaoke * 32-note polyphonic * General MIDI * 264 tones * 120 Rhythm patterns * CASIO Chord/Fingered Chord auto-accompaniment systems * 100 Song Bank Tunes * 3-Step Advanced Lesson System * Voice Fingering Guide * Interactive Scoring w/Voice/display Shipping Not Included!!!


Shipping Cost: $0.00


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