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Casio - Full-size Keyboard w/Backlit LCD, MIDI, Memory, Advanced 3-step Lesson system

Manufacturer: Casio
Model Number: CTK800
Price: Contact Seller For Price - Too Low To Print

The CTK-800 has 500 Preset Tones, 120 Rhythms amd 8 digital effects. It also includes 100 Songs CTK-800 has HL Sound Source for a rich palette of tones. Advanced compression techniques makes it possible to record high volumes of wave form data & recreate the timbres of various instruments, including the grand piano. The CTK-800 also has a backlit display, General MIDI Capabilities & assignable pedals. On-screen icons display notes & chords played, & metronome icon indicates the beat on the CTK-800 With the Casio Advanced 3-Step Lesson System, you can: Use ONE KEY PLAY buttons or any key to advance melody. Master the timing Try playing along on the keys-accompaniment will wait for you.


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