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Numark Total Control USB MIDI DJ Software Controller

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: Total Control
Price: $199.00

THE MISSING LINK FOR SOFTWARE DJS. A tabletop controller for DJs who yearn for the control they left behind when they switched from traditional mixers to the multi–processing power of laptop DJing. This fully class–compliant USB MIDI device is the ultimate for any performing computer DJ. Total Control's 31 buttons, 20 knobs and 5 faders send MIDI data from the controller to your DJ software of choice, making the inconvenience of mouse or glide–pad software control a thing of the past. No assignment of software parameters for the Total Control is necessary – simply connect the controller to a computer with a USB cable, enable it on the user's computer's "config" menu, and watch the virtual controls respond to Total Control's actions. The Total Control comes packaged with Numark's Cue LE and Native Instruments' Traktor LE software, with pre–mapped controls and overlay "skins" for both applications.

20 knobs, 5 faders, 31 buttons all send MIDI data • CUE LE 5.0 and Traktor LE included with controls premapped • Easy to learn mixer / CD player layout • USB bus powered (no adapter needed) • Mac OSX and Windows XP classcompliant / No driver needed

Shipping Cost: $12.00



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