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Numark D2 Director interface media player for sale

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: D2 Director
Price: $499.95

UNPRECEDENTED CONTROL WITH POWERFUL PORTABILITY. D2 Director (pronounced "D–squared") is a single rack–mountable console featuring one oversized LCD display coupled with a revolutionary user interface. The new plug and play design allows users to easily search for music on any USB mass storage device and add songs to a single master playlist. Using this playlist, songs are automatically directed to two built–in play control surfaces, ultimately simplifying the DJ performance experience. D2 Director is complete with a ground–breaking new graphic user interface with real–time visuals of track profiles. Six soft touch buttons below the D2 Director's display screen provide the DJ with control over features such as song management and hard drive management. The D2 Director includes one USB connector on the front panel and two additional USB ports on the rear panel, for a wide variety of music storage and sourcing options. This includes, but is not limited to, linking D2 Director to a DJ's iPod®, USB flash drives, and external USB hard drives. Use the included computer keyboard for simplified song search. In addition, the rear panel includes line level outputs for both players. The D2 Director supports MP3, WAV, and AAC (unprotected) formats.

NEW UPDATES NOW AVAILABLE! D2 Director Downloads and Support Files Download Product Overview Support for external USB hard drives, thumb drives, and mass storage class music players Included USB computer keyboard supports searching for songs, artists and more Large jog wheels for pitch-bend and scratching Seamless looping with stutter-start function Pitch control in +/-6, 12, 25 and -100/+25% Large 5" backlit screen with revolutionary easy-to-use interface and brightness adjustment Search quickly through songs Track Profile Visualization to see current track position and track events 3 USB ports File formats supported: MP3, WAV and AAC* Drive Formats supported: FAT, NTFS**, and HFS+ Beatkeeper™ technology with TAP override function Fader Start Onboard Playlist creation and Support for computer generated playlists including many popular formats Software updates for future enhancements. non-DRM protected AAC format only read only

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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