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Numark Fusion 111 Complete DJ Package FUSION 111

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: Fusion 111
Price: $199.99

The Numark Fusion 111 is a complete CD mixing package for aspiring DJs, home DJs and music enthusiasts. The Fusion 111 comes complete with two TCD05 top-load CD players, MX-05 two channel DJ mixer, HF125 7-position dual-cup headphones and handsome storage case. The Fusion 111 is a handsome all-in-one solution for aspiring mix DJs in need of a cost-effective practice rig, or home DJs on a budget. • TCD05 CD Players The TCD05 CD players provide all the features necessary for professional level, seamless mixing. The TCD05 features a variable pitch slider, large LCD display for Time, Pitch Speed and Mode information, pitch bend controls, large start/cue controls and more. • MX05 DJ Mixer The MX05 is a rugged two-channel DJ mixer with a replaceable crossfader, level, gain and cue controls. The MX05 features two line / turntable switchable inputs. • HF125 Headphones The HF125 headphones are reliable and adjustable up to seven positions. • Storage Case The handsome storage case is space efficient and an attractive addition to any room.


Shipping Cost: $22.00


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