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Numark DJ In A Box V.6 - DJ Turntable Package

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: DJINABOX V.6
Price: $299.95

Numark [2] TT1610; [1] DM950; and [1] HF125 # DJInABox A COMPREHENSIVE, PROFESSIONAL DJ SYSTEM...IN A BOX! The Numark DJ In A Box V6 package contains two of Numark's acclaimed TT1610 multi-directional ultra-efficient belt-drive turntables with aluminum platters. The included DM950 2-channel + mic mixer has EQ on each channel and slider style cueing. You also get HF125 headphones, two Groove Tool cartridges and a pair of slipmats.

(2) TT1610 multi-directional efficient belt drive turntables with aluminum platters DM950 2 channel + mic mixer, EQ on each channel, slider style cueing HF125 flexible 7-position dual headphone (2) Groove Tool™ cartridges and slipmats

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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