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Numark Rc-8 Power Conditioner With Voltage Meter

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: rc8
Price: $99.95

The Numark RC-8 Rackmount Power Conditioner will protect sensitive electronic components with a HF/RF interference filter, which is a high voltage surge and transient suppressor. The fast acting suppression circuit responds quickly, clamping spikes and surges to safe levels. The filter prevents noise from electronic motors, florescent lights, and other similar sources from leaking from the AC line into the audio. In addition, this model features two slide-out 7W rack lights, with dimmer control knobs, and a blue LED voltage meter display which shows the actual voltage between 90V and 250V.

• 8 Rear outlets with extra-wide design for power adapters • A 15A overload protection switch on the front panel • On/off switch for dimmer control knob • Blue LED voltage display Input: 3-Prong AC power cord Output: 8x 3-Prong AC outlets Compatibility: 19" Rack Environmental Requirements: None specified by manufacturer Dimensions: 19 x 1.75 x 6.5" (483 x 45 x 229mm) Weight: Approx. 6 lb (3 kg)

Shipping Cost: $12.00


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