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Numark TT1600MKII

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: TT1600MKII
Price: $99.95

With the Numark TT1600MKII, Numark once again delivers maximum bang for the buck to DJs! Engineered for high performance at entry-level prices, this turntable features durable construction, symmetrical layout for easy use in vertical & horizontal positions, and a precision tonearm design that's perfect for DJs. The TT1600mkII is an affordable belt-drive model with a highly efficient design. The TT1600MKII provides multi-directional operation, 33/45 RPM operation and an adjustable pitch range 10%. It also features a high-precision aluminum tonearm with cue & anti-skate adjustments, as well as detachable Power & Audio connections.

Efficient belt drive motor Aluminum Straight arm for superior tracking ability Aluminum platter Detachable power and audio connections 33-45 RPM Target light sold separately

Shipping Cost: $29.00


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