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Numark DXM01USB 10 Inch Tabletop Digital USB DJ Mixer

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: dxm01usb
Price: $190.00

The DXM01USB is a 24-bit digital DJ mixer with a 10 inch tabletop design that includes 2 USB ports for direct computer connectivity. Audio files can be played from computer and mixed along with records, CDs, and microphone. Mixes can also be recorded back to computer via USB. The DXM01USB works seamlessly with all soundcard-compatible Windows and Mac audio software, and all audio file formats are supported, including MP3, Windows Media, and AIFF files. No software drivers are needed with Windows XP or Mac OS X, and a USB cable is included. With a 24-bit digital signal path throughout, the DXM01USB offers the purest sound of any DJ mixer, all digital controls, and sub-bass synthesis with intensity control.

Dual USB ports Mix audio files directly from computer together with records and CDs Record directly to computer Works with any audio file format Works with all dual sound card compatible Windows and Mac audio software 100% 24-bit digital design >103dB S/N ratio Noise-free digital controls Numark D-Type crossfader All-digital fader Continuous rotary slope control Reverse switch Sub-bass synthesis Intelligent bass enhancement, far superior to EQ Adds sub-bass that harmonically matches the music Minimum System Requirements (PC): Windows 2000/XP/Vista Available USB 1.1 port Minimum System Requirements (MAC): Mac OS X 10.3.x or greater Available USB 1.1 port

Shipping Cost: $16.00


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