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new! Numark iCDX CD / MP3 Player / Controller

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: icdx
Price: $440.00

new! Numark iCDX CD / MP3 Player / Controller Brand new & factory sealed. new! Numark iCDX CD / MP3 Player / Controller. There is a 1 year warranty on this item.

USB port for connecting mass storage class iPods, hard drives and memory sticks USB port for interfacing with HID compatible software Illuminated slot-load drive with support for CD/CD-RW/DATA DVD Touch-sensitive scratch wheel Large, backlit LCD display for system information including MP3 ID tag information Integrated DSP effects include Phaser, Filter, Flanger, Echo and more Key Lock ( 100%) Large pitch slider for controlling music playback speed 6/ 12 / 25 / 100% Automatic BPM counter Hot starts, seamless looping, scratching with sampling, Full support for MP3 playback Digital output

Shipping Cost: $22.00


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