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Eldon Bb Trombones ETB102

Manufacturer: Eldon
Model Number: ETB102
Price: $264.00

Eldon by Antigua Winds feature the same Antigua commitment to high quality and meticulous detail. Eldon offers unparalleled value for student musicians. The Eldon ETB102 Bb Trombone features a clear lacquer yellow brass finish on a medium size bore and a two piece bell. The inner slides are nickel silver while the outer slides are brass. Includes a 12C silver plated mouthpiece, a lightweight collegiate case and a polishing cloth.

Clear Lacquer Yellow Brass Finish Medium Size Bore and Two Piece Bell Nickel Silver Inner and Brass Outer Slides Comes with 12C Silver Plated Mouthpiece and Polishing Cloth Includes Lightweight Collegiate Case

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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