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E.M.Winston Silver Plated Student C Flute FL115S

Manufacturer: E.M. Winston
Model Number: FL115S
Price: $265.00

E.M. Winston Flutes are designed to meet the needs of today's discriminating educators and musicians. The performance features, design and quality of construction of E.M. Winston instruments far exceed that of other instrument makers. Due to design enhancements, E.M. Winston instruments respond easier, have more reliable key and valve action and are built to last many years giving the performer a much more pleasurable musical experience. E.M. Winston instruments can be found in music schools across the United States and in concert halls around the world. In fact, the E M Winston brand name can be found on a custom made tenor saxophone used by our 42nd president, Bill Clinton.

Key Of C Quality Constructed Silver Plated Head, Body & Foot Power Forged Keys Closed Hole Offset G For Small Hands

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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