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E.M. Winston Clarinets - Bb plastic CN210

Manufacturer: E.M. Winston
Model Number: CN210
Price: $258.00

Our clarinets are very popular with students because of their easy response, smooth key action and beautiful tone. The scale is even and our instruments respond well at all dynamic levels. Quality and durability are also key features for our line.

Plastic body instruments are intended to be more cost effective and require less maintenance. Grenadilla Wood instruments will have a warmer, richer tone that is more resonant. Wood requires more care and maintenance than plastic instruments and are more susceptible to cracking due to temperature and humidity changes. Thorough cleaning and periodic bore oil treatments will help to prevent the wood from cracking. Under cut tone holes will greatly improve the response and fluidity of the scale of the instrument. This feature is usually found on instruments that cost considerably more than ours. This is a standard feature on all of our clarinets. Key of Bb, ABS brushed wood like body. Case Included.

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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