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E.M. Winston Trumpets - Bb. .460" Bore - Gold 465LTH

Manufacturer: E.M. Winston
Model Number: 465LTH
Price: $360.00

Our student trumpets offer great projection and an easy response. The tone color is consistent throughout all playing ranges and at all dynamic levels. This quality is accomplished through our special pluzuma welding process, which fuses the bell sections together, allowing for a continuous and more even vibration. Our valve action is quick and light, which is due to the stainless steel that we use for our pistons. Durability, performance and price make our instruments the logical choice for anyone aspiring to be a trumpeter.

First valve slide thumb hook. High F and High A are notes that are always sharp in pitch and by having a thumb hook on the first valve slide the player can extend the first valve slide to bring the pitch down to be more in tune. This feature is usually found on more professional lines of instruments.

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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