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Casio CTK4000 Keyboard

Manufacturer: Casio
Model Number: CTK400
Price: $189.00

Casio Full-Size 61-Keyboard

CTK400 Keyboard from Casio.Product Information: Improved tone quality and function. Packed with entertainment features! Features Include 61 piano-style touch response keys 48-note polyphony 570 tones Digital effects 180 rhythms One touch presets 180 sets 152 built in tunes 50 brain boost phrases Real time recordings Sampling function Backlit LCD Display Phase-by-phase lesson function USB port for easy connection to PC Includes stand for songbook & stand Dimensions 945 x 373 x 131 mm The keyboard is powered by battery or a Casio AD5ELpoweradaptor available in our store.

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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