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35002P Sabian B8 Pro - 14" Hats, 18" Crash/Ride and 10" Splash

Manufacturer: Sabian
Model Number: 35002P
Price: $195.00

This pack includes four Sabian Pro cymbals: an 18" crash ride, a pair of 14" hi-hats, and a Free 10" splash cymbal. Sabian 14" Rock Hi-Hat cymbals provide a strong high-end tone with bright, focused intensity; they are loud and cutting, projecting a bright wash when played slightly open. The B8 Pro Crash Ride cymbal has a bright tone as a ride and doubles as a crash. The bright response of the splash is immediate, cutting, and somewhat glossy for fast accents. With design features including pure uni-rolled B8 bronze, a glossy brilliant finish, full lathing, and sounds that penetrate today's music, B8 Pro is all about modern, cutting sounds at affordable prices. Using a rapid-tech process called virtual cloning, Sabian creates B8 Pro models from master templates to form the consistently bright, focused, and effective sounds of more expensive Euro-brand cymbals.

Sabian B8 Pro Cymbal 3-Pack Plus Free Splash Cymbal Features: 14" rock hats 18" crash ride Free 10" splash

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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