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Yamaha PSRE313 Portable Keyboard

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model Number: PSRE313
Price: $149.00

The PSR-E313 is the most affordable Yamaha portable keyboard with touch-sensitivity that responds more like a piano. It has 480 instrument voices including Yamaha's Portable Grand voice, regarded as one of the best acoustic grand piano voices available in a portable keyboard. The interactive Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) with innovative Listen & Learn capability helps you learn to play. The LCD display makes it easy to select voices and styles, and displays the music as well as which notes to play on the keyboard. The chord dictionary and built-in metronome will also help you as you learn chords and rhythm, and the headphone jack makes it easy to practice silently. The Yamaha PSR-E313 has an easy to use 2-track recorder that lets you record up to 10,000 notes per song with a 5 song capacity. You get 102 songs and 100 music styles to play along with as well as the Sound Effect Kit with cool sounds and grooves for inspiration and fun. In addition, the PSR-E313 is XGlite compatible and features Flash ROM; perfect for transferring MIDI content from the Internet. The Music Database feature provides automatic keyboard setups by song title, including Splits (different voice on L&R) and Layers (2 voices i.e. Piano/Strings). You also get 12 drumkits plus a sound effect kit and DSP effects include nine reverb and four chorus. Plus, it will all sound great through the true stereo speaker system with bass ports for full sound. It also has 32-note polyphony, sustain input, and two 12cm speakers with 5W power. The E213 can be powered by the optional Yamaha PA-130 AC adapter power supply or six AA batteries (not included).

480 voices Redesigned cabinet 10,000 note, 2-track sequencer Storage for 5 songs 61 full-size keys with Touch Response Yamaha's Portable Grand voice, regarded as one of the best Interactive Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) features "Listen & Learn" 373KB Flash ROM storage Sound Effect Kit: includes cool sounds and grooves Real stereo sound 102 songs for learning or listening 26 harmony parts 106 styles plus user styles Dual/Split-layer keyboard modes Music Database auto song setup 5 lessons 100 music styles (play along) Style sections: Intro/Ending + A/B + Fill x 2 Chord Dictionary for learning chords and built-in metronome One Touch settings: automatic set up by music genre MIDI In/Out LCD display 9 reverb and 4 chorus effects GM/XGlite compatible 32-note polyphony Headphone jack Sustain input Wave ROM 2 - 12cm speakers 2.5W + 2.5W amplifier Music rest included Power Supply: PA-130 (opt.) or 6 'AA' Batt (opt.) 37.8"W x 5"H x 14.8"D 10 lbs. 13 oz.

Shipping Cost: $0.00



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