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Sabian B8 2 Pack Cymbal Package - with 14 Inch Hi Hats, 18 Inch Crash Ride

Manufacturer: Sabian
Model Number: 45002P
Price: $175.00

The Sabian B8 2-Pack includes 14-inch Hi-Hats, an 18-inch Crash Ride and a Free 10 inch splash which are a great compliment to each other. The hi hats give you stick and pedal responses that are clean and penetrating while the explosive power of the crash has a full, wide-open response. The Splash is quick and cutting making this a very well rounded cymbal package.

The Sound Heard 'Round the World The first cymbals bearing the ringed SABIAN logo (denoting tonal grooves of a cymbal) emerged from our vaults in early 1982, when that initial pouring of hot, molten bronze was cooled, rolled and hammered out. And thanks to the support of drummers and percussionists around the world, SABIAN continues to make history as the fastest growing cymbal company. You can find SABIAN cymbals in approximately 120 countries! Our artisans will continue to help more and more musicians express themselves wherever they may be: in the streets, the pubs, the concert halls, the parks—in the towns, villages, countryside, and big cities, listen, and you'll hear the unmistakable, and unparalleled sound of SABIAN.

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