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Korg GT120 Chromatic Guitar and Bass Tuner

Manufacturer: Korg
Model Number: GT 120
Price: $84.99

The Korg GT120 is a guitar and bass tuner that combines the accuracy of needle-type meters with superior functionality and a new, easy-to-use design. The needle-type meter that has enjoyed enduring popularity for its clear visibility and stable detection is now available in a handy size, with the meter located at the top of a sleek black aluminum body. The backlit LCD screen also shows the calibration setting, flat mode, note name, and the remaining battery life. Flat (b) and sharp (#) LEDs light to indicate pitch drift or perfect tuning in a way that's easily visible even on a dimly lit stage. A large dial makes it easy to choose the mode you need to use. Using the stand located on the back, you can conveniently place the GT-120 upright on your amp or other surface while practicing.

Dedicated chromatic tuner for guitar and bass that supports seven-string guitars and six-string basses. Dual display combines a needle-type indicator with an easy to read backlit LCD screen. Choose from two tuning modes: Auto or Manual. Built-in reference tone plays in a 5 octave range. Flat Tunings: 1-4 in half-note steps. Five types of open tunings (D, E, G, A, DADGAD). Broad range of calibration adjustment (438Hz – 445Hz). Built-in mic for tuning acoustic guitars. Long battery life of more than 100 hours, plus a battery status indicator. Durable suede-type soft case is included. Two Different Tuning Modes; Auto and Manual The GT-120 supports seven-string guitars and six-string basses. In Auto mode, string names are automatically detected and the LCD automatically shows the name of the note that's closest to the pitch you play. In Manual mode, you first choose the name of the note (C-B) you intend to tune. Support for Open Tunings and Flat Tunings The GT-120 supports open tunings often used with slide guitar or finger picking, with five tunings that include open D/E/G/A as well as DADGAD. The flat tunings are also supported, down to a maximum of four semitones below standard pitch. Built-in Mic Allows Tuning of Acoustic Guitars Since a condenser mic is built into the GT-120, it's also easy to tune acoustic guitars on the fly. Adjustable Calibration The calibration can be adjusted in a range of 438–445 Hz to accommodate a variety of standard pitches. With its wide detection range of A0–C8, the GT-120 lets you tune to any song or key. Reference Pitch The GT-120 can play a reference pitch in a range of C2 (65.41 Hz)–C7 (2093 Hz), letting you tune using your ears while you also watch the meter. The large speaker provides extra volume. Long Battery Life The GT-120 is designed for an extended battery life of approximately 100 hours when running on two AAA batteries. It can also be used with an AC adaptor (sold separately).

Shipping Cost: $9.99


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