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Korg AW-1 Acoustic Chromatic Tuner

Manufacturer: Korg
Model Number: AW 1
Price: $62.99

In 1975 Korg created the world's first needle-type, handy-sized tuner - the WT-10. Today Korg continues to refine the accuracy, functionality, and miniaturization of its tuners. Based on tuner technology that has already been awarded numerous patents, Korg now announces the AW-1 Acoustic and Wind Tuner. Packed with highly accurate, versatile functionality, the AW-1 is amazingly small. Equipped with an easy-to-view LCD meter, the AW-1's compact design lets you attach it to your instrument in a way that will not obstruct your performance.

Detection range of A0~C8 Ultracompact and lightweight unit 2 included clips for almost any instrument Clips contain internal piezo pickups that detect vibration for stable tuning in a noisy environment Internal mic in tuner for pitch detection for use on music stand, etc. Meter Reverse function lets you read the meter in a vertical or horizontal position, regardless of the position in which you attach it to your instrument in the viewing orientation you find most comfortable Pure major third/minor third intervals are indicated by marks Calibration to a wide range of pitches (410~480 Hz). Memory backup function remembers calibration setting Auto power off function

Shipping Cost: $9.99



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