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Dunlop MXR M120 Auto Q

Manufacturer: Dunlop
Model Number: M120
Price: $144.99

This amazing little envelope filter is extremely versatile and provides lots of control, Its Range, Q, Rate Blend and Decay controls let you dial in the exact wah sweep you want. Its Band switch selects the frequency ceiling where the effect will dominate. The M-120 is a rugged pedal with a high-quality switch and superb sound quality.

This Auto Q doesn't just get funky, it grabs your tone and rubs your nose in it! If you know how typical envelope filters work, forget it, because it doesn%t copy them. Instead, it redefines what an auto wah can do to funkify your sound. The Auto Q triggers at any playing level, not just your loudest notes. MXR/Dunlop made the Effects amplitude-independent, so you get the exact same effects at high volume or low. Come out front with your solo then drop back for a rhythm fill and your tone mods stay constant throughout.

Shipping Cost: $12.00


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