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Oscar Schmidt OH52SE Acoustic-Electric Bajo Sexto

Manufacturer: Oscar Schmidt
Model Number: OH52SE
Price: $399.99

Bajo sexto" meaning "lower sixth" in Spanish, refers to how this unique and beautiful guitar contributes a strong, rhythmic lower end to a guitar ensemble. The low voicing of this 12-string guitar from Oscar Schmidt allows for strong projection of chord changes across songs. Tuning for the 12-string bajo sexto is octave E A D G C F. Note that tuning is the similar to a regular 12-string with the primary difference being the top two pitches. In the bajo sexto, what would be high E on a regular 12-string becomes F and what would be B becomes D. The bajo sexto is used primarily in the norteño music of northeastern Mexico and across the border in the music of south Texas known as "Tex-Mex" or "conjunto".

Sepele sides and back Solid cedar top Rosewood fingerboard and bridge Wood marquetry Deluxe tuners Vinci USA steel strings Includes Gig Bag

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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