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Irradiant LASER1RGB / NLDJ30RGB-FB 30 mW Laser

Manufacturer: Irradiant
Model Number: LASER1RGB
Price: $2,299.95

Red - Green - Blue 30mW Large Beam Technology Laser Show!!! Ideal for larger venues and events...

Laser output: R: >10mw G: >10mw B: >10mw Laser wavelength: R: 660nm G: 532nm B: 473nm Laser color: RGB Modulation: TTL Modulation Beam Divergence: < 0.4 mrad Scan system: Stepper Motor Scan angle: 38° Control mode: DMX Auto Sound Active Cooling: Air Cooling, TEC Ambient Temperature: 10°C~35°C Dimensions: L385 x W387 x H223 mm Weight: 8 kg Voltage: AC120V/60Hz 240V/50Hz Power Consumption: 27W

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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