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US Blues A100GT Portable Tweed Amplifier 10 Watt 5"

Manufacturer: US Blues
Model Number: A100GT
Price: $61.99

What could be more fun than strapping on your guitar and amp at the same time and walking out the door for an anytime/anywhere jam session? U.S. Blues Round Amplifiers are cool, retro-looking round amps with a snappy tweed covering. They conjure up a time when rock & roll was young and shoes were suede! With great tone, excellent volume, and a small footprint, US Blues Round Amps make great portable practice amps!

10 watts 5" speaker On/off switch overdrive level/clean level treble & bass EQ 10.5" diameter 6.5" deep carry handles four rubber feet headphone input jack.

Shipping Cost: $16.00


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