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Reunion Blues Sonoma Solid Body Electric Guitar Bag - Black Leather

Manufacturer: Reunion Blues
Model Number: 2171529
Price: $541.00

It's hard to raise the bar when you've set the standard, but the Reunion Blues "Sonoma" series electric guitar bag does just that, improving on its classic (and often copied) design using modern materials and methods. Handcrafted with signature full-grain leather and decked out with saddle-bag style pockets, this guitar bag will up your personal "wow" factor while providing unmatched protection for your cherished instrument.

Full Grain leather exterior Dual layer high density foam padding Large saddle-bag pocket with "smooth lock clasp" Head stock pocket with "smooth lock clasp" Adjustable shoulder strap String protectors at headstock and bridge Limited Lifetime Warranty

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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